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published January 10, 2020 


Dear Friends, Family, and everyone concerned by this crisis,


I am sure you are as heartbroken as we are about the wildfires in Australia.  We know that the best we are able to do right now is to raise awareness and funds that will go to organizations directly taking action to save and rehabilitate koalas, kangaroos, and other wildlife in Australia.  Towards this effort, our organization is engaging in a MATCHING campaign until January 31, 2020 and all amounts donated to the Dr. Michael Hutchins Impact on Wildlife Fund ("Impact on Wildlife") will be allocated to the two organizations listed below and we will match 100% of the donations*.


Impact on Wildlife is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and your donation may qualify for a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes.


If you were thinking of donating, but had not yet had the opportunity--the opportunity is NOW! Your dollars will go twice as far!! 


Thank you so much for your consideration and we hope this will be one of many impacts we will be able to make in coming years.

*The Matching campaign continues until Feb 10 2020  or until we reach a total of $20,000, whichever first occurs. 

WWF Australia


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