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Early 2023, Impact on Wildlife Fund contributed $25,000 to the IFAW program to help save the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale. The program "Don't fail our whale" is here to save one of the world's largest and most endangered animals.

With fewer than 350 individuals left, the North Atlantic right whale will go extinct in our lifetime if there is no immediate action.

IFAW-led research revealed that between 2003 and 2018, 90% of known right whale deaths were caused by entanglement or vessel strikes


The solution to save right whales

Eight steps have been identified by IFAW to support the protection of right whales. They are based around three key themes: groundbreaking research, reduce entanglement, and reduce vessel strikes. 

  1. Innovative science to guide all whale protection efforts

  2. Deploy and refine new fishing gear

  3. Community campaigns to reduce opposition to new fishing gear

  4. Eliminate legal & regulatory barriers that ban whale safe gear

  5. Secure subsidies to help fishermen convert to whale safe gear

  6. Strengthen marine protections to prevent vessel strikes

  7. Increase public awareness of vessel strike risks

  8. Increase enforcement to ensure whales are truly protected

"Through advocacy, education, and grassroots engagement, IFAW has initiated a multi-faceted campaign in the U.S. and Canada to drive public awareness, push for regulatory change, and promote innovative solutions to save North Atlantic right whales.

New technologies that aim to decrease right whale entanglement include ropeless fishing gear - the deployment of gear without fixed vertical buoy ropes in the water column - that could dramatically reduce or eliminate right whale entanglements, while allowing fishermen to continue their livelihoods. 

We are ensuring that vessel speed limits in critical habitats are secured, promoting vessel speed compliance, and have developed Whale Alert, a situational awareness mobile app that alerts vessel operators on the presence of right whales." - source

This gift of 25,000 USD will help IFAW in the implementation of their program across the U.S. and Canada. 

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